she's in love with the sky
and she finds it in Killian's eyes

Montana. ballerina at heart. bookworm. fangirl. in her twenties. writer. loves country music. capricorn. wears heels all the time. fashionista. tends to fall in love with fictional characters. captain swan shipper for life.


          what k i n d of person does that?
the kind who’s e m p t y, who believes that a ship can fill
                                              a void left by a b r o k e n  h e a r t

who could ever love a man that’s cursed?


a g i c doesn’t fail, people fail ..


"Coradear, I finally got my hands on your first born. I never thought I’d find her,did you?…. She’s the most powerful sorceress I’ve ever encounteredeven more powerful than youStunning, in every way.